Bingjib Huang's Lunar New Year Greeting Card and Calligraphy Artwork



Bing-Jib Huang ( 黃秉驥 )

Bing-Jib (goes by Bing or BJ) was born in Taiwan, came to US over 45 years ago. He was educated as an engineer, earned his MS degree in Aerospace Engineering in University of Maryland and BS degree in National Cheng Kung University (成功大學) in Taiwan. He is currently working in the US Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration.

Bing was interested in Chinese calligraphy from his early age in Taiwan. Traditionally Chinese calligraphy is a piece of black and white artwork, creating a poem or story by Chinese brush with black ink on white rice paper. Years ago Bing started to paint a new style for his calligraphy artwork. He paints Chinese calligraphy with symbols or colors in a way to make a unique artistic expression around the meaning of Chinese characters. He especially enjoys designing unique greeting card for the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year. People understanding Chinese language would more enjoy his modern calligraphy works.

Bing is actively involved in local art community. He is a Board Member of Sumi-e Society and member of Strathmore Artist Club, Harmonious Art Club, Lantin (蘭亭) Chinese Calligraphy Club in Taiwan. He was the President of the International Artists Support Group (IASG) in 2002. He teaches Chinese calligraphy in a Chinese school at weekends, makes calligraphy demo at various occasions. His artworks have been exhibited in US and foreign countries many times. He helped create art shows in Beijing, China (2002), St. Petersburg, Russia (2003), and Cairo, Egypt (2005). He was also invited to participate in Florence Biennale (2007) and London Art Biennale (2013) when he also won an award.


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